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I was listening to the radio the other day and I loved what was shared…of course what I write will not be exact, but I think you will get the idea!

He was discussing houseguests. When we have them, most of us say, “make yourself at home.” Maybe we give them a key to come and go as they please. We welcome them to help themselves to food, towels for showers, etc. But, how would we feel if we came home, our guests had made themselves at home, were sitting on the couch, relaxing. Perhaps your friend is reading last years tax return, “hey Mike, I didn’t know this is what you made last year!” While his wife has helped herself to your wife’s clothes.

We asked them to make themselves at home, didn’t we?

But, I suppose when we offered our home to be their home we figured there were boundaries, rooms they wouldn’t enter. Items they wouldn’t touch. Of course we can relate this to our relationship with the Lord. Asking Him into most of our “rooms.”

I thought this was so very fitting on the day I happened to hear this. My friend and I have “phone dates.” She lives further away and that’s our only way to connect, since she has moved I have joined her in this mothering journey. I have always been in awe of how she parents and what an incredible loving, honest and authentic person she is.

We discussed surrendering in terms of motherhood. I am certain this is different for everyone. But a certain amount of surrender is required when you become a Mama, you have less time for you, for your friends, for life as you knew it. Sometimes change can be so difficult, it is only natural to cling to how things were, after all what we know is so much more comfortable. But, there can also be such freedom in surrendering. Accepting the changes, surrendering all the things that used to be and handing it over. Being present, being fully there.

This relates in so many areas. A new Mama has to surrendering to her new role, to her sweet baby and their needs. A new husband who has to surrender his bachelor life. Even someone who is finishing their degree and looking for a career. There is also surrender required when you give your heart to Jesus. When you make that change and promise to trust Him with it all, every hidden part. Surrendering what you thought you knew, giving over what you hold so tightly to. Giving it all to Him.

It was an “a ha” moment for me, a gentle reminder to start unlocking some of those doors that I still have so tightly shut.

Matthew 22:37
And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”


Hope you all have a beautiful, summery weekend!