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So, it has taken months for me travel back here. To have a moment to myself, to share my heart, to pour over photos taken over the past weeks. Yes, this is us, the new us. Totally adjusted.

We are tired. We are out of free time. Often out of clean clothes and dishes are often piling up on the counter.

But we are drenched in love. Seriously, dripping.


These kids have taken over our house, our hearts and I really can’t imagine it any other way.

Am I exhausted? Yes
Is everyday super, super fun? Nope!
Do we have meltdowns/breakdowns and lots of “breaks?” Oh, yes sir.

But for every moment like this….

IMG_2509ED_WMthere are moments like these…



 They refuel me. Gods grace exemplified, nurturing me, encouraging me.
This matters. This “job,” is so worth every sleepless night, every worry and every sacrifice.

I would rather hang out with these guys than do anything else.


IMG_0185ED_WMIMG_1704ED_WMIMG_1065ED_WMAnd what could be better than complete, toothless joy??

IMG_3142ED_WMThe most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are your Children ~ unknown