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Well, Miss Norla (Grays nickname for our little girl) is now a week and a half old. I already want to slow all of this down!

She is a great little nurser and has already gained 5 ounces, putting her just over 7 pounds. She is quite the snuggler, which works out great for me cause I carry and snuggle my babies as much as possible. I wear her most of the day, which provides perfect snuggles and free hands for time with Gray. We sleep cuddled up together at night which allows us both to get more sleep. Between Hubby, my Mom and my BF, K I have not left the house. I have not made a dinner, I haven’t had to do much cleaning, it has been awesome and we feel so blessed. My Mom comes over early so for these past 11 days Norla and I have not awoken before 11 o’clock, it is wonderful! Dear Hubby has been so incredible, he was there every minute to support me. Always making sure that I was eating, drinking and sleeping. I could not of asked for more!

We still have to give her a first bath. We will hopefully get out for a walk soon, if the weather holds. But, as far as our plan goes, we hope to stay in as much as possible as a family. Bonding and healing. Life is often too rushed and I believe a baby creates a glorious time to slow down and soak it all in. We are doing that as much as possible. This postpartum period had planning put into it, I think because postpartum with Gray was so different and slightly stressful. I really wanted this to be different and it has been calm, which I am very thankful for.

It is a bit funny because as calm as this time has been, her birth was not the calm, candlelit, water birth that I had planned! Our family never does anything according to plan and Norla made her entrance as a true member of this family. It involved an extreme rush to the hospital, seriously for you lovely ladies who have been through this, you know the most painful part is called transition. Well, we were lucky enough (snark intended) to experience this “change” in the car. In the middle of the afternoon, in the heart of downtown. Our car even stalled at a red light in the middle of a contraction! It was pretty funny and Hubby and I had quite a few laughs between contractions. Before we left for the hospital I was having to really breathe through my contractions. He found me upstairs, under our bed looking for my swimsuit. It was ridiculous! He tried to guide me to the car numerous times but I could not handle the idea of sitting down in the car. I remember leaving the house and with a big smile he said “this is so exciting, lets do this!!!”

We made it to the hospital in time, which was such a relief, because Dear Hubby asked multiple times if he should pull over and clean out the backseat! I discovered that my husband may of been able to be a very successful race car driver! He was weaving in and out of traffic, ineffectively honking his horn over and over. I was so happy to see the hospital and our midwife that was waiting for me. We decided not to wait for the other midwife to arrive and to just continue to the delivery floor. They let us in a room around five after four. I was resisting the contractions because I really wanted a warm bath. Hubby finally arrived after parking and lugging up two huge Rubbermaid containers containing my beautiful birth pool. It makes me laugh now that he thought we were still going to use it, it takes about an hour and a half to get set up! I think he came up to the room around quarter after 4. He was getting settled, taking his coat off etc, probably deciding in his head where to set up said pool. In the meantime, this Mama gave it up and our Norla entered this world at 4:20! It was a whirlwind of a birth! Much more painful than with Gray, I think due to the fact I was in a place that I was extremely uncomfortable. I do not recommend laboring in a car! But wow, when they put that baby in your arms, it is totally forgotten. I would do it again tomorrow. She was so beautiful. I feel like I had been waiting for her a lot longer than 9 months!

I didn’t even think to ask if the baby was a boy or a girl, I was too distracted with just holding my sweet baby. I remember Kane asking and the midwife trying to take a look, “Its a girl!” I was in complete shock, I really thought we were having a boy! The calm came after. What is so nice about having a midwife is the very short stay in the hospital. If everything goes well and uncomplicated you can leave within two to four hours. We were back in our car and ready to travel home at 7:30pm! It felt a bit surreal, being there for three hours and just being able to go home. It was so nice, Gray got to meet his little sister and we got to put him into bed ourselves. Plus, we got to sleep in our own bed! The midwives come to your house on day one and day seven, they are available 24/7. It has been so nice to be able to text anytime I have a question. It has been a lovely experience, when it is over at 6 weeks, I will definitely be shedding some tears!

So, there is a little update at what has been going on here. This little lady has only been here 11 days, she already owns more clothes then I do, she makes really funny sounds when she sleeps and she has undoubtedly nestled herself into our hearts. Thank you to everyone for their excitement! Thank you for being so understanding about visiting and for graciously dropping off meals and gifts. So many days, Norla and I would get up from a nap and notice another beautiful gift left at our door. So nice that so many of you brought thoughtful gifts for Gray too, he has so appreciated every single one! We feel so spoiled!

Nora Asleep