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I feel like I have been searching for simplicity for the last few weeks. Or rather preparing our home for a simple start for our new family of 5 (yes, Dear Dog counts). I have been working my butt off to organize and clean this house, to have things all in order before the arrival of our sweet baby.

I have slowed down the daily crazy and it feels really good to finish Gray’s room and stitch some decorations for baby. I have been able to spend extra time with my parents and that has been wonderful. They have defiantly been spoiling Gray and I.

Our time with Hubby has been limited but I feel as though we have used our time to the fullest. I celebrated a birthday and we got a night out. The warm weather gave us some much needed family outside! We have been really focusing on Gray and simply spending time doing everything he likes.

Of course this includes a ridiculous amount of car races, dinosaur chases and indoor soccer matches. He has been enjoying watching his ever favorite Toopy and cuddling with his Daddy reading an extended amount of bedtime stories. We have been including him in preparing the baby room, we talk a lot about what it will be like, although I don’t think Hubby and I even know what it is going to be like having two!

But something must be connecting cause yesterday, out of the blue, Gray exclaimed, “I am so excited to meet baby!” I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a few tears. I think I have had some shaky nerves thinking about how he will handle all of this. Worrying about his sweet, little boy heart. Hoping that a piece of it doesn’t break when we walk through the door with a “new” baby. But his excitement these last couple of weeks has calmed me.

We are 38 weeks now, so expecting baby to make his or her arrival at anytime. Gray was born 15 days early so I have tried to make sure that we are ready even if this baby surprises us like he did. This week I will be finishing up some projects I have in the works. Grays bedroom is almost done, just a few touches here and there. The baby’s room has a few décor items to hang and I have a little project that I want to build for it tomorrow.

A few pictures these past few weeks make me smile. I thought I would share them.


I felt so blessed to be able to hold my boy during a very unexpected nap the other day. I scooped him up and we cuddled in silence for an hour. He hasn’t napped in over a year, so this was so special.


We have been enjoying spending some extra time with Grandma.


We decided Gray’s room wouldn’t be complete without having a
little buddy to take care of. Meet Frank.


Always ready to be silly for the camera!


Mama and her babies.

Have a beautiful Monday!