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Well the countdown has begun! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone, I felt like Gray’s pregnancy went much slower. This baby will be here before we know it.

I am not sure if I really experienced “nesting” last time but wow, I believe that whatever I am up to now would be referred to as nesting. I cannot sit down, I just want to clean and organize. Our house is really getting a top to bottom overhaul. That feels pretty good. The nursery is coming along slowly. But, to be honest Gray did not sleep in his room until after his first birthday so I do not think that the nursery is that urgent. I just want it to come together because I know I will have an extreme lack of time after baby comes.

We are trying to pick out names, finding ones we agree on has proven tricky! Gray has given a few suggestions, Elephant, Monkey and Baby (very original!). If anyone has some boy name suggestions, we are all ears!

Mostly, we are pretty relaxed. Just enjoying the kicks and movement. Trying to prepare Gray and talk to him lots about all things baby. He seems to be coming around to the idea. Although I think he assumes baby will arrive, ready to play cars. I acknowledge we are in for a transition, but it should be pretty exciting!

Here are some pics of my growing belly!