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I remember people telling me to enjoy every second once Gray was born.
Here he was, 6 pounds 2 ounces.


My beautiful baby boy, the one who so lovingly made me a Mama.

Well, even though I know that time flies; especially as I grow older; this amount of time has flown like no other. My precious boy has now been three for a little over a week and it has really hit me that this is going at the speed of light and I would really like to slow it down.

He is proud of being three and tells us multiple times a day. Trying to show us his three little fingers without the other two popping up to join. After every meal he tells me he has grown and that he is going to keep growing higher. My heart is so happy to see him growing and happy, delighted in the everyday. Today he was so excited to help with laundry, clean the windows and scrub the dishes. He is fascinated when the snow gently falls or when the birds gather around the bird feeders hanging outside our windows.

Being his Mom is honestly so much better than anyone could of ever told me. Even on the difficult days, the days when he presses every button I am so grateful that the Lord has placed him in our arms

You, my boy, are unbelievably precious. I appreciate you. I love seeing you smile and giggle. I love that you are curious. You almost talk more than your Mama! You are not afraid to ask questions. You enjoy learning and are so elated when “it clicks.” You are a very good sleeper, you always have been. Although, you are just starting now to think that maybe bedtime is not the best time of the day. But once your sweet blond head hits that pillow your dreams are sweet. You are almost potty trained, you made it extremely easy on us and have only had a few accidents in these past few weeks. Next is the potty at night, that should be interesting! You know your ABCs and your 123s. You love to sing songs, most are your own creation, but you really enjoyed learning Jingle Bells this past month. You thought Christmas was awesome! Daddy is teaching you to skate and he says you are doing really well! You make us so proud.

I see my stubbornness in you. You are strong willed and are certainly not afraid to fight back or back down. In this I see great strength, I pray the Lord guides your Daddy and I in order to direct that zest and passion in a positive way. You remind us often not to rush you, to take our time and talk things out. I often forget how similar we are.

You are so gracious with your Dad and I. We have defiantly been learning and growing through these past few years. You forgive and forget constantly. You are so sweet and innocent in the way that you love us. Always willing to trust that we will pull through for you. I can ensure you that we always try our very, very best. Thank you for being kind and gentle with us and for showing us how to love without judgment. You have taught us so much and we are better people because of all you have shown us.

You are so blessed to have an abundance of people in your life who love you. You are very social, especially with adults. You love to roughhouse with your Uncle D and wheel around with Uncle T. You always ask to visit them or call them. I think you have won their hearts as well. You have aunts that adore you. Always asking for hugs and offering you treats. Willing to sit and read with you or play your games on the Ipad. These girls will always have your back sweetie. Your Auntie K is always up for visits and you are very excited to play with her puppies and wheel around her house in an outdoor Fischer price car! You also always seem to clean her out of oranges!
Man, you are lucky!

And than there are those four crazy, gray haired people that visit. A couple of them have funny names, your Dad has a hard time keeping them straight, but we are lucky to have grandparents that oh and awe at everything you say and do. People who prayed for you before you were ever born. They encourage you, they delight in you. Most importantly they are always there to cheer you on. You rush to tell them news or call to talk about something silly. Grandparents are such a gift kiddo. Mama never experienced life with Grandparents and I am so happy that you are able to have this once in a life experience. You are blessed.

We have been talking a lot about what “Love You” means because we say it so often. I had a difficult time explaining to you exactly what that means. I have been telling you that it means that it means I will like you no matter what. No matter what you do or who you are. My love goes so much further than that so it is hard to find words to express that.

The Lords love has a far further reach. I pray you always look to the Lord for guidance, I pray He gives you a heart full of compassion. I pray every single night that He would bless you with a passion for prayer, in that you have everything. Jesus loves you, I always tell you that He built you. He did, He built every single part. Each of us have been built specifically by the Lord, He pours all of His love into us.

You have made these past three years absolutely breath taking. I feel so blessed to be able to be home with you every single day. Thank you for being you. I am so incredibly thankful to be your Mama. Happy birthday my baby boy.