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I usually try and do a bigger DIY project twice a year. Hubby usually goes away for longer spans once in the fall and once in the spring. I generally enlist my Dad as my helper and get to work! I started our room in the spring and so it has been done for sometime. Of course there are still things I want to do but it is much better now than before.

I think a master bedroom often gets forgotten. You don’t make breakfast in there or have people over to watch a movie in there. So it has not been the top priority. Of course that also means it was not budgeted for. I set out to do this room as cheap as possible.

We will start with the before photos.



I know what are thinking….that is beautiful! Why would you want to change a thing? Hehe especially the fancy window treatments right?

I started looking for some inspiration on pinterest.

Via Nicety

Via Little Yellow Barn

I have always loved barn doors. So I thought an idea like this was perfect. With a few tweaks I knew I could make it work!

To be honest my taste has already changed since we started on this house. I know that there are a few “style” changes that I would make. I used to love industrial, old metal, old wood, farmhouse, etc. But now, I really love the cottage look. Clean, simple and lots of white.

I do not have the budget, the desire or the time to go around and change a bunch of stuff. So the rooms that are done will stay the way that they are. I may make a few tweaks here and there. Rules for those changes would be it has to be DIY, a gift and/or thrifty find.

I do not want a matchy matchy house but I do like to stay in the same genre. So for our room I tried to mix the two ideas above. Something with more white and cottagey but with a touch of rustic to tie in with the rest of the house.

There were things I had to keep. Girl on a budget, remember. The bed with the frame had to stay. But I wasn’t loving the bed frame anymore so I decided that I would have to build something behind it to change the way it looked.

Ok onto the after photos:



The side tables. I had one of these from Ikea, it made sense to simply get another and save the cost of getting two new ones.

I wanted a little bit of art and so I just downloaded some free printable’s, picked up some Ikea frames and that was that.

The printables can be found here and here.


Yahoo for window treatments! We have been here almost three years and it felt so good to hang curtains and blinds. My parents gave us money for blinds for our Christmas present last year. We are so happy with our choice and it really warms up all the rooms these blinds are in. We ordered them from here. They were easy to order, easy to install. And an awesome price!

I am not done the dresser on the other wall, so I will save that wall for another day.

One splurge I did make was a new chair. And I updated my bedding a little by purchasing a few new items to go with what I already had.


So maybe you would like to change a room or two? Think about using what you have and just adding a little bit of new to make it more like what you want!