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I never played team sports. Well, I was on some teams in junior high, but they were really more for fun! Hubby and I were watching a sitcom last week and one of the kids on the football team doesn’t love sports. In fact he was feeling bad about beating the other team. His kick meant the loss or win for his team.

He meant to miss it, but low and behold it was a beauty of a kick and his team won. Of course the team was thrilled but he was feeling a bit down. The coach talked to him after the team made their way to the dressing room. And he said “it’s fun to be on a team, and its really fun to be the hero.”

Hubby has played hockey since he was a wee one. He has always loved sports and enjoys playing on a team. He turned to me and said, “yep, so fun to be the hero.” I replied, “I am always the hero and it is wonderful.”

Truth is, I am. I am my son’s hero. I love in the morning when I make him breakfast and he says excitedly, “Mom, you made this? You made this? Yum!!” I love when we are reading a book and he looks up at me with his big brown eyes and giggles at my silly voices. I sometimes tuck him in, say “goodnight my sunshine,” close the door and think about our day.

Maybe I yelled. Maybe he asked me to sit with him and I just didn’t have time. Maybe I didn’t have patience when I needed it the most. Well, when he looks and me and says, “good job mommy.” Or thank you Mommy for the smallest thing. I know that despite my flaws and my inconsistencies he looks at me with his Dads smirky grin and thinks that I am pretty awesome.

Pretty awesome for just being me and being silly. Making him his favorite snacks. Getting down on the floor and playing with blocks. I am his hero for all the extremely simplistic things I do.

So I try to remind myself of this when all the cute ‘pinteresty’ things don’t get done in time for Christmas. Or when dinner is late, Gray is crying cause is tired and the day seems as though it will end on a negative note.

Do you know what you are to your kid(s)? A awesome hero! So even on your down days, know that your kid loves you, just the way they are. Their grace and love comes from the most sincere and innocent place.