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Well, my little world here on the blogosphere has sure been quiet….

I have been disgustingly busy and I have to say I don’t really like it! I really like quiet. I like predictable. I like slow days at home with my boy.

I, along with my husband, have been preparing to do our first crafty type of market this Saturday. It is exciting! And it has been fun to do it as a couple, but I am ready for Saturday to come. To do this and than have a little break.

It could be because of the growing bean in my tummy, but I just want to curl up on the couch and knit something! I would really like to be in a little cabin in the woods with a blazing wood stove and hot cocoa. But, I will be thankful for this opportunity. Thankful for extra time spent with hubby.

I will share about the market next Monday, cross your fingers for us that it all goes well. We are a little nervous!

Oh and speaking of said bean, here we are at 18 weeks. And yes, I still have arms.


Have an incredible week!!