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This time of year is always bittersweet. Although I love fall, the impending end of our time at the cabin is always a sad one. We arrived home this weekend from our last trip to the cabin. We had the most wonderful week as a family. Spent time playing games, watching movies and the boys had way too much fun exploring outside.

The trees were beautiful, dressed in their fall colors of orange, yellow and red. The lake was calm and the air chilly. The wood stove kept us warm as we snuggled under covers and read storybooks. What a wonderful escape, so thankful to have that cozy place to visit. And even more thankful for an uninterrupted week with my little family.

It is so hard to believe that this was Gray’s third summer out at the cabin and that next year when we return he will already be three and a half. Time is just slipping through our fingers!!


Gray loved hauling leaves and branches around with his Daddy, getting the yard ready for winter!


Finding ladybugs became a fun game. Gray finally let them crawl on his small hands, giggling as they went.