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I really wanted to do a little book nook for Gray, but we don’t have any cute extra closets hiding anywhere around this house! We don’t even have a linen closet!

I made very simple shelves, again using plans from one of the most awesome people, Ana White. Am I obsessed? Maybe, maybe just a little 🙂

The shelves are from a plan called Ten Dollar Ledges. Reason being, it costs about ten bucks for an eight foot section of shelving. Which means my three little shelves only cost about ten bucks!

We made three six footers of these for our lower living room to house a whole lot of picture frames.


I built the book nook ones slightly different than Ana’s plan, only because these are in a small hallway and I did not want them to stick out quite as far. So if you look at the plan you will notice that a 1X4 and a 1X2 sandwich in an additional 1X4. What I did was put the 1X2 and the 1X4 on top of the 1X4. I secured it underneath. This meant a lot more finishing for the front, but it gave me the result that I wanted.

This is a fairly awkward space to take a picture of because it is just a tiny hallway right outside Gray’s room. This is what I started with.


I marked my studs and put these babies up. Piled them full of books and brought Gray upstairs to see, I think he approves!

IMG_4086EDWM IMG_4092EDWM IMG_4100EDWM I also hung an ABC poster up. I hung it at his level so that we can look at all the pictures and letters together. I couldn’t find something store bought that I liked so I downloaded this really cute digital kit from Zoe Pearn. I bought this one, which is considered the boy one. I personally think it is more gender neutral. There is also this girl one, and this flashcard one. All pretty cute!

I used Photoshop Elements to design my own poster. I sent it to staples and a couple days later I picked it up. I put it in a frame we already had and now had some art that Gray and I can learn with.


With the poster, the rug and the shelves this project came in under $30. Not bad for some storage and a cute spot to read. I find Gray reaching for his books way more now that he can see all the fronts.

Do you have a spot in your house where you enjoy to read?