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Ok, I know. Currently it is Monday, hence the Mama Monday title. But, last week when Friday came I shouted for joy. For reals.

It was a really LONG week.

One of my close friends wrote “Thank goodness it’s Friday,” on her facebook status and I was thinking, man are we on the same page.

It starts in early September. My handsome Hubby drowning in work, welcome to audit season. By the way audit season, I don’t really like you. I am thankful for Hubby’s job, I am thankful I am able to be at home with my sweet boy and I am thankful that my Hubby works so very hard for our family. But, I don’t love being a single Mom 5+ months of the year. Kudos to you beautiful ladies who do it every. single. day. You are amazing!

My week started ok. I decided to take Gray to Grandmas and Pakes for a visit. He loves going there, spoiled rotten. Watching Toopy whenever he wants, his favorites foods stocked in the fridge. Yes, for him it is a magical place. I also am taken care of, fed my favorite foods and get to relax while Gray demands his darling Grandparents to jump and walk and march and giggle. Did I mention that my son is slightly bossy. Ahem…I wonder where he got such a gift!?

The weather has also been so warm that playing outside in their yard was such a blessing. Ours has been dug up for the majority of the summer, leaving very little play options for us.

So the week continued and I barely slept due to deep congestion, thank you allergies. Two nights of the week, Tuesday and Thursday I had asthma attacks, my personal favorite! If you have asthma attacks or know someone that does, you know they are exhausting. Not only did they leave me with very little sleep but I was also put right out for the next day. I felt very guilty last week with little Gray. He did not get the attention and patience from me that he normally does and I felt downright awful. A lot of mom guilt last week.

Then Friday comes, its almost over right??? Well, I woke up after getting between 3-4 hours of sleep and I could tell right away that this was going to be a headache type of day! I try to get up and take a nice hot shower when I feel it coming on, it seems to help it from progressing as dramatically. I hopped in the shower and I must of stepped on the shower curtain or something because a crash swiftly followed. And yes, the shower bar fell right on my pounding head. Dripping wet, I proceeded to try to reinstall said tension bar. Well, it won and my lip lost. Head pounding, swollen lip growing, I stomped downstairs to finish my shower.

Our day consisted of hurt feelings, tired bodies and way too much leapfrog videos. But, we made it and here we are and it’s Monday. Our week is off to a great start. Allergies are still attacking me, but we made it to the park. G-man is having a much needed nap and I am getting a little downtime with you.

So here is to a really good week! Sorry for the blog post about pretty much nothing. But, it felt good to get all that off my chest 🙂