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This picture was taken the other day, I put a steaming bowl of black bean soup up on our desk so I could go switch out the laundry. Well, dear Dog decided that he could easily get up there and sample the yummy cheese and sour cream topping. He was busy licking his lips when I came back. Yum! He defiantly has a sneaky side. Seriously, love, this boy.


I don’t think I chat about dear Dog on this blog as much as I probably should, he really is such an awesome part of our family. He will have his sixth birthday this August, one day after our sixth wedding anniversary. I remember the day that I received him, as a gift, from my husband. It was Christmas Eve and we had been married a few months, I was wrapping gifts and getting ready to spend our first Christmas together with our families. I gotta say, I was a little stressed.

I wanted everything to be perfect. That seems so silly now…

I remember calling handsome Hubby and being quite upset because he said he had to run out but would be back soon. Well “soon” turned into hours, I was very frustrated that we could not spend the day together and that I had no help at home. Little did I know, he had been travelling to pick up this sweet guy.

I remember our first meeting, little guy was nervous. I remember his first bath and his first shaving, because apparently I was not up to snuff on how to care for hypoallergenic dog hair.  I remember when Hubby said, “not in our bed” and it only took him working one night shift and that little white fluff soon found his sweet self onto our big, comfy bed. I recall him being very difficult to potty train, oh goodness that was rough! Finally these cute little potty bells hanging on the door helped our communication issue and before we knew it our little guy was house trained.

Dear Dog has been my best bud, he sits on my lap when I eat popcorn (or ribs, or chicken, or spaghetti, or yogurt, ok…you get the idea) and he is extremely sensitive to my emotions. Knowing when I need an extra cuddle or maybe a little space. He is also great with Gray, I was worried. Dear Dog has never been that stellar with kids. But, those two have this perfect little dance. Joking and laughing, chasing and pulling. Sharing snacks and pillows.

I love that.

I love how each one of us have this special relationship with dear Dog. He has truly changed our life, in so many truly wonderful ways. I am so thankful for this hairy, sweet and incredibly cute dog.

What do you think? Did I still eat that soup?

Grateful for:

#156 – justice, well at least the overall goal of it
#157 – facebook and the prayer teams that arise from it
#158 – yummy organic strawberries
#159 – fun times with family at the lake
#160 – a beautiful and kind sister-in-law
#161 – fun summer songs that cause us (in Gray’s words) to “shake it”
#162 – wonderful animal rescue organizations
#163 -growing and changing relationships
#164 – the sweetness of perfect strangers
#165 – an unexpected tax return
#166 – Sharlene Bosma, her incredible strength and faith. Please pray for this family.
#167 – new ideas
#168 – a husband who works incredibly hard, at work and at home.
#169 – new, creative art supplies for little Gray
#170 – uncontrollable giggles, brought on by an overwhelmingly funny toddler

*I have a prayer request* Please pray for my friend Tina, she is having an important surgery today and has been having a lot of scary health complications in the last week+. You may not know her but if you would just send up a quick prayer asking for healing that would be greatly appreciated!

Wishing you a beautiful, love-filled long weekend!