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We love strawberries in this house. Especially Gray, I wish I could write the word in the way that he says it. Honestly, I have never heard the word “strawberries” sound cuter. What a guy 🙂

We don’t eat them a lot because organic is not always easy to find, and they are pretty high on the dirty dozen. But we have found them a few times (affordably) in the last couple weeks so we have been savoring them! Gray likes to eat them like many of us, sliced alone or on pancakes with maple syrup. We like them that way but we also love them smooshed up with a banana and some flax for a yummy smoothie!

The other day I was planning dinner and feeling rather uninspired, I could not think of anything new to try that I felt like making. It was hot and I just wanted to hang out with my boys outside. Unfortunately the meat we buy is brought here once a month and we have hour to pick it up close to our home. Well, I completely forgot to get it. Just slipped my mind, we did had a glorious sleep in though. Gray let us sleep till 9:30, it was wonderful! But missing it meant that we had to drive to the next stop to meet the truck. So I was forced to get groceries for dinner, especially because I was out already.

I quickly looked at Pinterest and the mound of strawberries I had on the island and decided to go for Strawberry balsamic pizza (with chicken, sweet onion, and applewood bacon). It was a stretch for me, but I thought what the heck, it is worth a try.

Words out of Hubs mouth “This is the most amazing pizza I have ever tasted, this is one of the best meals you have ever made!” IMG_3428EDIT So it was worth it. And yes, it was fabulous. You can find the recipe here: Strawberry Balsamic Pizza. I made my own dough, you can find pizza yeast with all the other yeast. That makes it incredibly easy. I also used maple bacon and marble cheese because that it what I had. It was perfect for a hot night, something really fresh. Please try it! And if you do I would love to hear how it turned out!