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Happy Monday!

I use to scrapbook a lot. All the evidence is carefully tucked away in the basement. Page upon page, stacked neatly in square tupperwares. Sheets of stickers stuffed in file folders. But, Gray is now 2 and do you think I have anything scrapbooked? Nope, nothing. I have over 20,000 photos from the last couple of years just sitting on my computer, but they never get looked at.

So, I have folded. I feel a little bit guilty that I will not proceed and continue with my beloved, original scrapbooking method, but all in all memories will now be documented. Photos will be shared and I will accept the fact that at least something will be done.

Enter, Project Life.

Lucky for me, scrapbooking has morphed and Becky Higgins rocks! She has taken the idea of scrapbooking and simplified it. Creating a system called Project Life. Making it very easy to document all your memories throughout the year. It is a neat system. You start with page protectors that have segments of various sizes. There are kits that showcase coordinating cards for journaling and make your book look pretty. Everything slips into a classy three ring binder. It is also quite affordable, costing between $150-$200 a year. Not a bad price to document all of your precious memories. The cool thing is that the goal is to do a two page layout every week. If you keep it simple I bet you could do it in about twenty minutes a week.

I love the idea of project life, in fact I was getting ready to make an order. Until I discovered that Project Life is now available digitally. Now, I no longer need to store paper or stickers. I don’t need to sort through my supplies for a half an hour before I can even start to assemble a page. Now it is all at my fingertips in a little file called Digital Scrapbooking.

So, that’s the most exciting part, I am giving up paper completely. I will be using a lot of Project Life products, but the best part is that there are so many products to choose from, so your layouts can truly be your own. At the end of the year I will upload my layouts to Blurb or Shutterfly and I will have a beautiful, finished book. Well, that is my good, well-intentioned plan.

I thought I would share my first couple of layouts with you guys. Maybe inspire you to do your own!

Week OneA2

Week OneB2

Week One BirthdayA

Week One BirthdayB

 Products used:
Becky Higgins – Templates A, B & D
Pebbles – Seen & Noted
Dates – Kaye Winiecki
Cards – Amy Jaz, Paislee Press
Washi Tape – A Vegas Girl At Heart
Scribbles – Allison Pennington
Brush – Splendid Finns