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We are at home and just chilling today, pretty lazy. Kinda nice. I am not very good at relaxing so today I had to make up my mind the moment we woke up that we were going to take it easy! And so far so good.

Little Gray has a bit of the sniffles, poor guy. He is not used to a plugged nose and it makes him quite distraught. Although, I have selfishly enjoyed all of the extra cuddles. I also have to admit that all the cute words he says sound even cuter. He is getting extra sleep so hopefully that will help heal his little body.

We watched a Veggietales today – it was cute – called “The Ballad of Little Joe.” Gray loves sitting and watching movie (I secretly cannot stand him in front of the tv screen) but it makes him happy and today was our day to do stuff we don’t normally do. Anyways the movie had a good message (Veggietales usually does), it was loosely based on the story of Joseph and his ability to interpret dreams. I liked the message in it because everyone was constantly asking Little Joe why he was so happy even though terrible things kept happening to him. Of course in the perfect words of “child language” Little Joe explained that he knew Jesus loved him and that although terrible things happened that God had a plan. Little Joe did not know what this plan was yet but that he trusted that God had the perfect plan for his life no matter what the circumstances.

So we watched a cartoon and I am certain I got a lot more our of it than little Gray did. I feel like God has really been encouraging me to trust in His plan and although I try, some days I get a little down. Wondering why? It is little pushes in unexpected ways that God seems to consistently remind me that He hasn’t forgotten me, or the plan he has for my one wild and crazy life! This lazy morning started my week off with a bit of inspiration and the simple boost I needed.

And Mondays are always good with a little dose of something cute and funny.

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