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I had posted before Christmas about my desire to create a little kitchen for Gray. We were thinking of tweaking a ready-made one. A few things changed. One, we defiantly did not finish it in time for Christmas. Two, we decided to make it from scratch – which made a fun project for Hubby and I to do together!

I do have pictures of the steps we took. You can go to Ana’s site and she has a full set of excellent instructions there. She is awesome! Most of our DIY projects start with inspiration and guidelines from Ana.

Here are the links to the kitchen parts: Fridge, Sink and Stove.

What we did is made all the bases separate like she did. But, we decided to join them after they were built. Because we did that, we used one full piece of wood for the countertop, instead of two like the instructions indicate.

Here we are joining the sink and stove bases.


Here is what will make the oven door, so cute!


We used a steel bowl for the sink and we found the perfect faucet at Restore. We made sure that we got a bowl that had a bit of a lip so Hubby could just cut a circle with the jigsaw. He added a bit of glue and than just dropped it in. He followed the same steps for the faucet.


We looked all over for knobs/handles we liked. Most of the kitchens I have seen have used metal kitchen pulls. We just could not find any we liked, plus they were so expensive! Putting our heads together we decided to make little ones from wood. Hubs did a great job, they are one of my favorite parts of the kitchen!


I found this moulding, it is to make panelling on your wall, we used it to create a chalkboard on the side of the fridge.


Here it is all pieced together and ready for paint!


We added all the finishing touches and here it is…


We are so happy how it turned out. A lot of time, effort and love went into this birthday gift for our boy. It was a lot of fun creating it together.

And a few more detail shots.

The chalkboard.


The little sink and the most adorable toaster.