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Do you ever feel like your life is some sort of race? That you are just running around like a crazy person to get everything done? I think this feeling probably increases for a lot of us around the Christmas season.

I am trying to just enjoy all the festivities of the season and relax while making preparations for Christmas. Although I occasionally feel a sense of panic rush through my body! There is a lot to do. Because I am stubborn, I still have DIY gifts that I will be making. The reasonable part of my brain tells me to cool it and accept the fact that is about a week before Christmas and I don’t have time to do all I want to. Why does this happen every year? I will be pressing forward and try to complete my projects, my cooking and the wrapping.

I love Christmas and all that comes with it, but we don’t need a large amount of gifts. It is always nice to give something to say “I thought of you,” or “I love you.” We can say that with a gift or two, we don’t need piles of them!

We have slashed budgets and items in order to be reasonable and celebrate Christmas for the reason we believe it should be celebrated. To honor our Lord and Savior who came as a sweet little baby on Christmas Day.

I have tried to be somewhat practical when it comes to gifts for Gray. Knowing that he has many toys but still wanting him to smile and enjoy opening gifts. He is older so he will have more fun this year. Just like many of us, he doesn’t *need* anything. He has many toys to play with and a couple of cars will keep him giggling for hours.

So these are the gifts I have working on for him this year for Christmas:

This is the cutest car accessory, I think Gray will be excited to receive it!
Click on photo to see more and read the tutorial.
Maybe you have a little person that would love this!

via whipstitch

We also found this really cute desk at a garage sale this summer. I think we paid $20 for it, what a steal! I have been working on refinishing it. Gray will look so cute sitting here, it even has a little drawer, I know cars will end up in there as well!


Thinking about what I wanted to write today and with the whole idea of a race in my head. I was reminded of a really cute book that I used to read to the sweetest trio of little girls! It would make a wonderful gift for the mini reader in your life.

Jamie Lee Curtis has a lineup of books, I like this one in particular.

“Is all about relishing the journey and making good choices along the way—because
how we live and how we love is how we learn to make the world a better place,
one small step at a time.”


“Is there really a human race? Is it going on now all over the place? When did it start? Who said, “Ready, Set, Go”? Did it start on my birthday? I really must know.”

“With these questions, our hero’s imagination is off and running. Is the human race an obstacle course? Is it a spirit? Does he get his own lane? Does he get his own coach?”

This is a great book with an awesome message. Makes me tear up everytime.

*info and quites found at amazon.ca