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We had a good week/weekend. It was fun, lots of time spent just hanging out together. We decorated for Christmas, had some family photos taken and Hubs and I had some downtime to talk and waste away in front of the tube.

Yesterday seemed like a long day. We were finishing a project (finally done! Yipee!!) and I had to do a big grocery shop, we had very little food in the house. I navigated through the busy, wide aisles of Costco. Sharing an occasional smile with a stranger, watching kids running around the aisles. Moms frantically trying to keep them distracted from the toy hidden at the bottom of the cart. It was kind of nice just milling about, alone.

You should know I NEVER grocery shop. In fact I do not like going, Hubby usually goes for me. Yesterday made me feel like I should go more often. It wasn’t so bad, it was kind of peaceful really.

With my trunk loaded full of bulk goods, I made my way home. Making a quick stop to pick up dry cleaning. Through the door, and my quiet disappeared rather quickly. Dear Dog barking, little Gray grabbing groceries out of the boxes and Hubby telling me about Dear Dog throwing up while I was away. I rushed to get dinner started, and while it was cooking we decided to sit and relax with Gray for a bit.

The silence did not last long, as we heard a large crash in the living room. Our tree had fallen over! There it was on its side. Broken bits of glass strewn across the floor, candy canes snapped in half from the impact. In the words of Gray, “Oh Nooo.”  Matters got worse as Gray proceeded to pee all over the floor next to the tree. I don’t what came over me but I burst into laughter. I probably should of been crying after my long day, pounding head as evidence. But no I laughed. Thinking about it now still makes me smile.

This life of ours. Sometimes a little crazy, always way too much to do. But this, this works for me. Beautiful chaos.