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We have had a pretty good week, keeping really busy! I have been painting and building, very excited to share all the projects I have been working on! Hopefully they will be completed next week.

I chose this photo for two reasons. Dogs are cute!! And we were able to have my Best friends dog stay with us for a little over a week. And it just so happens that her dog is Dear Dogs best friend! So they are very happy when they have a chance to get together, they love to chase each other in the backyard and compete for treats.
They are very cute together.

Again linking up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. She is the author of One Thousand Gifts and she has put out the challenge to make our own gratitude list.

*Remember the colored fonts mean there is a link attached, so just click away!

#46 – chai tea on a chilly day
#47 – a surprise phone call from someone who lives far away
#48 – swimming with my little dude
#49 – paint!
#50 – really cute Christmas ornaments
#51 – a merry heart
<does good, like medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones. Proverbs 17:22>
#52 – A Place Only You Can Go
#53 – a wonderful evening with friends
#54 – the ability to help others
#55 – even if it is simply helping someone locate relish at the grocery store
#56 – a healthy body
#57 – Faith
#58 – this beautiful birth story
#59 – purebond plywood
#60 – unexpected time with family

I hope you all have a stunning weekend and I would LOVE to hear what you are grateful for this week!