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I chose this photo because I adore that Gray is just so in love with all of his “babies.” He feeds them water and gives them lots of hugs and kisses.
He even puts them to “night, night.”

This week I am grateful for…

#31 a little boy who is crazy for books, I so enjoy the daily cuddle/learning time.
#32 Coke, yes it is my shameless addiction.
#33 a God that never gives up.
#34 a meeting of a stranger that may lead to a new friendship.
#35 the snowblower.
#36 creativity
#37 and hard-working hands
#38 encouragement from unexpected places.
#39 a patient husband.
#40 blessings in the midst of the rain
#41 and quiet in the calm of the storm.
#42 anything white.
#43 devotionals that seem to always have just what you need for the day.
#44 yummy new recipes.
#45 “come me”