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We always have music playing in the house.

As soon as I rise, it goes on.

Sometimes its sad, sometimes its fun and loud (Gray loves to dance) and mostly it is praise music. I find music in general very sombering. It has a healing affect on my heart, sometimes just taking the words right out of my mouth. Plus, it starts my day off right and keeps me focused on whats important throughout the day.

I have quite a few favorites that I listen to.
I am sharing three favorites, so that I am not here for days!

I have a small huge obsession with Ingrid Michaelson, she evokes such emotion.
A few of my favorites are, You and I, Maybe, Everybody and Be OK.
Just click on the song titles to hear 🙂 I am promising great music but I am making no promises about the videos, some are just made by fans.

I love everything from Needtobreathe.
They amaze me and their music is just incredible.
Take a listen, Lay ‘Em Down, Signature Of Divine and Washed by the Water.

Have you read about Todd and Angie Smith? “Bring the Rain” is Angie’s blog, its in my blog line-up on the right side. Click on the title to read their amazing story, they have an incredible testimony and Angie’s blog is so inspired. Todd Smith is from the band Selah. If you have not heard Selah you are in for a treat, you will have goosebumps! Here is a song I love,

What do you love to listen to?