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If you missed the first photo friday, click here to see!

Here is this weeks photo:

Why I love it? It is Grays first time trick or treating (cute!), we are visiting his Auntie N, who is the sweetest. She is forever encouraging and kind, not to mention she is an amazing baker! Not only is Gray fond of her and the candy bowl, he was also very fond of Dear Dog O. He just kept asking to give him dog treats. I love this picture for all the above, wonderful family, for first times and for Dear Dogs!

And to continue my gratitude list…
linking up with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. Click here to read what it is all about, it would also be a great thing to do with your kids!

#16 time that Gray gets to spend with Daddy
#17 that Hubby arrived safe, after driving home in the snow on a scary road
#18 for the look in Grays eyes when he experiences something new
#19 for Jessica Sprague
#20 for Moms willing to give up their whole day to help out
#21 for this song: The Hurt & The Healer
#22 for a warm house
#23 for crunchy vegetables and new recipes
#24 for time to spend with those you love
#25 smiles from strangers
#26 Faith
#27 organization, well the ability to be organized 🙂
#28 for snow, ya I said it…you would too if you saw Gray playing yesterday!
#29 for a Hubby willing to carry a 24lb toddler on his back while snowblowing 🙂
#30 warm showers