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I was sitting at our island the other day, with my little Gray, eating meatballs. Ok, I was eating meatballs and he was throwing them all over the floor. Dear dog was happy.

As I sat there I looked around our kitchen. Last week, we had this red line along one of the walls in the dining room. We have painted red chairs and when Gray was smaller he loved pushing the chairs all over the house. They would sometimes get nudged up against our light gray walls and leave small red scratches. When I think about that, it makes me smile. I think of how much has changed since those days of him steadying himself with those chairs. I think of how proud he was, how cute it was to see him learn to walk. He has learned so much in these past few months.

Last weekend, Hubby did some painting. We have been here almost two years so there were lots of dents and scratches around the house. Some walls needed some touching up, including those little red scratches. As I looked at that wall I saw no more red scratches, it looked new and clean. With one quick swipe of the paint roller the memory of those red scratches were simply erased. As if they were never there in the first place.

It got me thinking about God’s grace. Sometimes we hit a wall, make a dent here and there. Often we learn along the way, those imperfections help shape us into who we are. Just like Gray has learned a lot from pushing those chairs all around our house! Gods grace is what makes us nice and clean again. He picks us up, cleans up the scratches and fills the dents. He does this just because He loves us, even if we are undeserving.

Grace can be defined as divine love and protection bestowed freely on people. Bestowed freely, I love that. Think about it, He loves you so much that no matter what you do He gives you His grace.

It also got me thinking about how often I do this with others. We all have the choice whether or not to give grace to someone. Maybe someone has done something to hurt you, and you are are mad and upset. You want to show them how they hurt you. Would that improve your relationship with them? Most likely not. Imagine instead of showing disdane towards them, you just gave them grace. What would they see?

I have been going through some life changes recently and it is giving me lots of opportunity to practice grace giving. This is something I am trying to put into practice in my daily life. Especially in my own family, with my husband. I don’t know why but it seems to me that we are the hardest on those we love the most. We all make mistakes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of getting put in our place we were just welcomed into the arms of grace?

Grace, then, is grace,–that is to say, it is sovereign, it is free, it is sure,
it is unconditional, and it is everlasting.”

Alexander  Whyte