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I suppose summer has been over for a little while now. And it seems as though fall has set in quite beautifully. The weather has been amazing, I feel blessed to have had these extra weeks of warm weather.

For us it seems summer has just ended. We have just returned from two wonderful weeks at the lake. The last lake weeks we will have this year. No internet, no phone to answer, no distractions; glorious! I am incredibly thankful for all the time that we have had this summer to spend together as a family. We don’t have that an awful lot throughout the winter.

And so I bid farewell to summer. Thanks for hot afternoons in the backyard and on the spraydeck, for warm sunny nights spent laughing around the campfire. For late night chats and theatre movies in the porch. For little legs wearing cute printed swim trunks and a tiny blonde head with a brightly colored cap. For the memory of trying ice cream for the first time and mowing the bright green grass right alongside Daddy. For little boys that think they are big boys. For big boys that think they are little boys. And for Mommies who love their boys, big or small.

I don’t feel particularly inspired today to write anything specific. But I come to my computer with a thankful heart, praising God for all he does for all of us. You and yours included. As Thanksgiving comes I suppose it is a great time to remind ourselves to be thankful, for what was, what is and what is to come. I hope your Monday is a blessed start to a beautiful week.