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I was out with friends the other day. The best friends I could ever ask for 🙂

And, we started talking about stuff. You know stuff, the stuff we want, the stuff we like, and the stuff we need. I have never been a brand name kind of girl and I rudely exclaimed “I detest brand names!” My mouth is often bigger then my mind…

Anywho I got to thinking later why I said this and why brand names bother me so much. I think I finally figured it out. It is the elitist attitude people have when they are sporting these brands. Not everyone. And certainly not my girlfriends, I know they like certain brands simply for the product, not the brand. But, I find that people can be a little snarky when sporting a certain brand. Like they are better because your shoes are from walmart and theirs are choo choos! Who cares?

I am not a brand fan in general. But I do understand that lots of big brands can use their brand power to do awesome things in the world. So to make amends I thought I could highlight a few awesome things that some of these companies do for others. These were not necessarily the brands that came up just ones I thought had done pretty neat things with their brand power.

Tim Hortons – Not only good coffee but has “The Tim Hortons Children Foundation” which sends a whole bunch of kids to camp each year! Thats pretty awesome 🙂

Lululemon – While there are not a lot of world achievements that I could find on this uber popular company. The individual stores are very instrumental in their communities. They also have an excellent conscientious attitude about their manufacturing and where their materials come from. A popular brand that cares about the community and the earth is pretty neato.

And in my search to find other big brands that help others I found this about MasterCard. MasterCard has developed a platform for online retailers that offers consumers the chance to donate to the World Food Programme (WFP) directly at check-out as part of a wide-ranging partnership with the anti-hunger charity.

If you have not checked out the World Food Program (WFP) you should. They are incredible and you can give just a little bit each month. It the worlds largest humanitarian agency fighting hungry. It is very cool. Check them out!

So this, I suppose is just a little rant of mine to explain my thoughts and an opportunity to tell my two girls how much I love them!