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I love english. It was the subject I strived in and I love words, definitions, verbs, all of it. I also enjoy yahoo. So I typed Dearly Loved into the search to see what would come up. First, a definition of dear. a. loved and cherished.

And after that, a song.


I think often about what important things I want Gray to learn, to know, to absorb. I have a long list, I think some come from things I wish I did better, skills I know that Hubs is good at, and attitudes that I believe in. You know it is probably the usual, we learn things from our parents then we take things away that we want to do or not do with our kids. It is just a process of growing up, learning and then being out in this big world all on your own.

I have been in the company of some wonderful people this week. With people come struggles and hard times. It caused me to start thinking all over again about what I really want Gray to know and learn from us. Not only us, but about God and the role of encouragement that I hope he has in Grays life. Something my parents made sure I knew and know my whole life.

You are Dearly Loved.

I know pretty simple. But think about your worst day. Then think about what made you feel a tiny bit better before you put your head on your pillow. Was it someones warm hug or kind words? Was it simply knowing that someone who loves you told you it was going to be ok on the other side of an important phone call? Or maybe you fell to your knees, gave it all away and asked the Lord for his voice. God uses people. That hug is His love, those words His encouragement.

So I suppose there are two goals at play. Not only to make sure that we are in tune with God’s plan and purpose so we can carry out and show Gray that he is dearly loved. But also in my everyday, I want to be a better Mom, to put down the phone and focus on my tiny man. Hug him, kiss him and always let him know how loved he is.

I hope he will grow into an encouraging adult. Someone who can help others with a kind word or a helping hand. Sure the other things are important, we all need to know how to read, write and count. I know he will get there too. But to me, fundamentals are what build a person. Knowing you are Dearly Loved gives you confidence to forge ahead, to ask for help and to put others before yourself. If I can help Gray to see and do all of this, I will have done my job.

Hope you all have a blessed week. Take time to tell someone in your life that they are Dearly Loved. We all need to be reminded from time to time.