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We have successfully travelled eight hours to Kelowna with a one and a half-year old. I think we were both a little apprehensive before leaving. But Gray did fantastic!

We split the trip into two days so that helped out a lot. We attempted to drive when he usually takes his nap. And my oh my I packed snacks, snacks and more snacks! Took books and a couple of new toys. We did not have to stop the first day because it was only a little over three hours. We stayed in a hotel for the first time with the little guy and he thought the hotel was really fun. Probably due to a much too convenient tv, a pool and about a million pillows!

We also went out for the first time to a restaurant with Gray (we did go when he was three months, but that doesn’t count, much too easy:) He was very good especially considering it was ten at night, our schedule got a little messed up!

The second day we stopped for lunch in the most beautiful mountain setting and let him stretch his little legs!

So we are off to a great start, we are really enjoying our family time. It is awesome to just be hanging out together. Hope you all have a beautiful week!