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I love this stuff.

Freshly ground and brewed into this cup.

Mmmmm, coffee. I love coffee.

via Pinterest

I used to drink a cup or two a day. Then I moved out on my own, since my Mom wasn’t there to make it (hehe), I never drank it! I moved backed to Moms and started drinking the dark drug again. But, when thinking about getting pregnant I stopped every type of caffeine. Yes, ok, I do love Coke and Cherry Dr. Pepper too.  I had Gray and did not drink caffeine for a long time because I was breastfeeding.

And then something terrible happened. Hubs got a job downtown…

Haha, not terrible, wonderful actually. But terrible in terms of caffeine. Downtown = fancy coffee. So my non-coffee drinking husband decided he loved the stuff. Now we have a much too convenient Keurig, so it is way too easy to get a quick coffee fix anytime of the day.

Plus I found this.

via The Pioneer Woman

Yep, ice coffee. Amazing. Easy to make. We like the Vietnamese version. If you have not visited Ree at The Pioneer Woman you need to. She is awesome. If you do not need to or want to quit coffee, make this ice coffee. You will not regret it.

So what am I going to do about this? Quit. No more caffeine for me. I remember how wonderful I felt when I was not drinking coffee, so I shall return to that life. Especially if I want to get pregnant again. One cup a day would still be ok, but I think I need to go cold turkey with this one.

So now you know. I may have a few grumpy posts. I am not looking forward to the withdrawal headache, ouch! In case you want to know the good and bad about coffee, click here. A bit about caffeine and pregnancy on page three.

I would love to know what you guys think. Do you drink a lot of coffee? Maybe you hate the stuff, lucky you! Have you tried to cut back or quit before? Any tips?