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I know some of us are melting. Some are hiding in our basements. And some of us are out there sweating and loving it!

We have been doing a little melting, a bit of hiding and have been trying to soak up as much sun as possible! It has been great to be outside, running around in the sprinkler and just enjoying the warm weather. Afterall, it will be winter again in approximately twelve weeks.

A few pictures to illustrate what we have been up to.

What is summer without the farmers market?And a little dancing to an outdoor performer.

A biycle ride to have Grays first ice cream cone.

And his first brain freeze.

A pretty cool street performer.

Happy boy chilling with his Daddy.

Splashing with his Mama.

And finishing it all off with a cool, sweet piece of watermelon!

It won’t last long so get outside and have some fun! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!!