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We were away again last week – we had on and off rain but it was still lovely to be out of town and hanging out with some great people. We got home right before the weekend and we had a really nice weekend with Hubs. Although my typical nature is to push the fact that things need to get down around the house, we just hung out. Yes, I did bring up the fact we should work a little….give me a break, I am a work in progress!

We took the bikes out for a ride. We ate good food. We visited family. We relaxed and played and laughed. Gray loved all of it. And so did we.

Now, it is Monday. Although it may seem mundane to some, these types of days are ones I look forward to. Doing laundry, organizing the house after a wonderful few days spent together, preparing for the week. There is beauty in the mundane.

There is something to be said for the ordinary. Piles of laundry that live in our bedrooms. Dishes that never quite made it to the inside of the dishwasher. The sound of little bare feet waddling around the house. Plastic car wheels zooming around my living room. A small, white fluffy dog at my feet.

Everyday ordinary is a whole bunch of extraordinary. It is a blessing to be able to have laundry, cause that means we have clothes. Dirty dishes mean full tummies. It is a blessing to have a house to clean because that means we have a roof over our head. That fluffy dog is a wonderful companion. And lets not forget those beautiful bare feet, best part of my mundane Monday.