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Am I allowed to review a book before I am finished? Am I even qualified to write a review on a book?

Well, the way I see it. If you write, you are a writer. If you take pictures, you are photographer. If you sing, you are a singer. Ok, ok, you get the point. So I guess since I am reading the book, I am a reviewer.

I really like this book. It is a little different then the books that I normally read. I usually have my head buried in a reference book. For real, I love reference books. Facts, I love them. But this book has a whole bunch of its own facts. Rachel’s facts about her life. Her life as a mom. On the back of the book is written, “I didn’t write this book because mothering is easy for me. I wrote it because it isn’t.”

I have learned a lot from this book thus far. One part of the book spoke volumes to me. She was talking about how she remembers visiting chickens when she was younger. They looked cute from afar but as they got closer they were bald, bleeding, and picking each other feathers out. Ouch!

Here is a little excerpt from this part,”One of the greatest things about having children is that you constantly convict yourself by teaching them. If you are addressing their problems honestly, and if you double-check yourself, you will almost always find a little something to think about”….”The need to correct is real, but so is the desire to pick a feather out while you are at it. Do you really want to be the fastest, biggest, pickiest, meanest chicken in the barnyard?”

I totally related to this. Not so much with Gray yet, he is still quite young that I don’t lose my patience with him. But I sometimes march around the house like a mean and picky chicken. Being bossy and wanting things my way. Not only do I not want to subject my husband to this type of self-serving type of behavior. But it is certainly not want I want Gray to be seeing when he looks up at my with his big hazel eyes.

This book is full of fantastic analogies. A lot of neat stories that really make you think and make it easy to apply to your own life. I think it is awesome and I think there is something in it for every Mom to relate to.

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