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This is a fun project! And it is easy, well ok, it looked easy. It was my idea but I can not take credit for putting it together. Dear hubby did that. I saw this sand and water table at costco, but it was around $150. Too expensive for us cheapies on a budget!

We started with a dusty, old coffee table, made by “Coach.” We liked the table, but it doesn’t really go with our house anymore.

I wanted to use tupperware for the sand and water stations. That way it would be easy to cover up when little Gray is done playing. We decided where we wanted the bins, and traced around the bottom with a sharpie.

Depending on your table, you may need to reinforce the areas in which your bins will be placed. Hubs just used some scrap wood we had in the garage.

Then you cut along your sharpie lines and insert your bins! Fill up with sand and water and watch the littles splash around!


We have an umbrella that we will also drill a hole for. But he doesn’t seem to mind that its MIA!