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I have to say these jars worked fantastic! Loved them. They were great for lunches, we even each had one for dinner one night (when I was too lazy to cook!). The second week I made them I changed them up a little. To me, meat should not be in the fridge any longer then four days. So this time I incorporated a veggie salad with no meat to eat later in the week. This salad was also great, because I had left over veggies from making the other salads so I tossed those extra veggies in here.

Veggie Salad
– 3 tbsp dressing (I used Italian)
– cabbage
– carrots
– radishes
– peppers
– cucumbers
– tomatoes
– peas
– quinoa
– corn
– black beans
– lettuce
– cubed feta cheese
– spinach

If you noticed on the top of the veggie salad, I just use a sharpie to mark the salads. A magic eraser will take it off so it is clean and ready to be labelled for the next week! A smart lady had this tip on her blog!

A new jar I tried was a layered fruit salad, in a smaller mason jar. They were also wonderful, made for a quick breakfast!

Fruit Salad
– yogurt
– grapes
– strawberries
– kiwi
– honeydew melon
– mango
– pineapple
– granola