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We had a great day. My main objective for the day was to spend the whole day together as a family. Hubs surprised me with breakfast, he called it an “act of love.” Very sweet and a great way to start the day. Little Gray drew me a little picture, quite cute, a small collection of little lines and pencil jabs!

We went swimming, and I could not believe it, but Gray lasted two hours at the pool. Its too bad, but what worked best was for Hubs to just take him away and play. When I was around he just wanted cuddles. The pictures are very telling. As soon as I came near he would cry for me to pick him up. But from a distance I could see how much fun they were having, up and down the slide, splashing and even happily drifiting in a dolphin shaped floaty.

 Little Gray had his first quad ride, exclaiming “whoa” over all the bumps!

He practiced walking and enjoyed pulling out the grass. 

We finished the day by enjoying a lobster dinner with family, and of course we enjoyed some cake!