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Oh man, is there ever enough time to get done everything you need to do? I don’t think so, it seems like when I get caught up in one area there is another huge chore waiting for me.

I apparently have completely forgotten that we as people wear clothes. Because my laundry pile is as high as a mountain. Which to be honest, never happens to me. You know why? Because I love laundry. Yes, it is true I do. Weird I know. So I am not sure what has happened here, but I guess just one load at a time and I will try to get caught up again.

We took a break from the mountain of laundry and went swimming this morning. Gray has only been swimming three times in his 15 months. First time he was so young he just laid there and grimaced at the water being chilly. The second time he clung to me like a baby chimpanzee, he was not a happy swimmer. This third time, wow, different kid. He thought it was great, he splashed and kicked and giggled. We even went down the slide, saved it for the end though, because there was no way to avoid complete saturation. We really need to get a picture next time!

So we had a good start to the week. Dinner is already in the slow cooker. Mason jar lunches and breakfasts are all completed and ready to go. I will update that post this week. And now, thanks to many wonderful people who are helping to financially support Irie, I have to get staining and numbering all those rulers!

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a good start. Would love to hear how you started your week!