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To be honest the title is maybe just true of yesterday. Because in fact, I am a night owl, I stay up much past midnight and I rarely get up before nine. Little Gray has been very gracious with allowing me to sleep so late. He has always got up around nine or later since he was a little bean. But my late riser is slowly becoming an early riser. Everyday it seems to get a little earlier.

Yesterday he really surprised me! I got up with him, changed him and he always is quite content to play while I get dressed. I went down to let dear dog out and wow the clock on the oven said 7:30! I couldn’t believe it.

Truth be told though, I felt great, I thought why don’t I always get up this early? So maybe my little boy has made us both early risers. And maybe this Mama needed to be getting up a little earlier!

I was astonished at how much I got done. Usually we are cleaning up breakfast around eleven. But, by 11:30 I had showered (serious miracle), dressed myself (again amazing!) AND you will never believe this……brushed my hair! The kitchen was sparkling, the whole house tidied, the lower living room and mudroom roombad and all the floors washed! And then to top it off Gray went down for a nap.

Who knew there could be so much progress made in the early morning! Ok, ok, I know for some of you this is probably not that early 🙂

Would love to hear all about your mornings!

What time do your kids get up? Do you get up earlier then your kids so you can get things accomplished? What kind of things do you try to get done?