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I had a really rough week last week. Honestly I just went off the deep end. There were positive, joyous parts, but also some dark spots here and there. I was sick, I was hormonal, I was difficult. And feeling sad or sorry for yourself is not a free pass to treat people anyway you want. I know I upset some people in my life. To be honest I have not been the best wife or friend. So to those people who put up with me, even though I can be difficult to deal with. Thanks and sorry. Sorry for being miserable. I really suck sometimes.

To be honest I haven’t had a lot of these types of weeks, or days since Gray was born. I haven’t felt down in the dumps too often. I know that is lucky. I am thankful that things have been pretty rosy. But, I have been losing a little self-confidence. Not really knowing where I fit in. If I fit in anywhere. Afterall, as my hubs puts it, “I’m a bit weird.” Truth be told, I am a little strange. I do things a little differently than others, I don’t have a ton of support all the time. And I suppose I get a little buried. I am pretty introverted, I tend to keep things in. Unless I know I can be myself with someone I really trust. For me it seems easier to keep it all in and deal with it by myself.

I do want to break out of my funk. I have tried to make peace with the people I have upset. I am trying to get the house organized, my life organized in general. Not sure if that unorganized feeling is due to me being blah or because it is finally looking like spring outside!

I also need hubs and I to be eating better. I have slumped a bit in the meal department lately. Haven’t really “felt” like taking care of that kind of stuff. So, thanks to pinterest and the internet in general. I have got a good start this week, at least in terms of food. I know hubs will have good lunches and that I have something prepared for myself whenever I need it.

Enter, mason jar salads.

Ok, these babies took me about three hours. BUT they are supposed to last between five and seven days. I made eight, so that means I will be good for the whole week. Hubs will have lunch all five days and I have three for me or if someone pops by for lunch I will have something healthy and ready to go.

You could put almost anything in these, I think. Although, this is our first week trying this and I am certain there will be kinks to work out!

This lady and this lady sure helped me out! And this is how I did it.

First you need to prep, prep, prep! This would be a lot more fun to do with someone else. It is a lot of cutting. Also I cooked up some quinoa, peas, ham, bacon, eggs. I wanted to do three varieties of salads so that we would not get too bored with eating the same thing over and over.

Next you are ready to layer your ingredients in your mason jar. I used wide mouth mason jars that were 1 litre in size. And the following is how I layered my salads. A tip that I got from a few websites was to put a hearty veggie in the bottom, because that is where the dressing is. Some veggies would get pretty soggy after sitting in the dressing for a few days. I used shredded carrots, cabbage, peppers or red onion.

– dressing (I sed Kraft asian sesame for the dressing and I used 3 tbsp we will see if this is enough or too much)
– shredded carrot
– shredded cabbage
– water chesnuts
– peas
– mandarin oranges
– bean sprouts
– chicken
– quinoa
– sesame seeds
– spinach
– lettuce

– dressing (I used a dill ranch dressing)
– shredded carrots
– peppers
– cucumber
– peas
– ham
– egg
– bacon
– tomatoes
– chick peas
– spinach
– cubed feta cheese
– lettuce

– dressing (Kraft three cheese ranch)
– shredded cabbage
– red onion
– tomatoes
– black olives
– chick peas
– crab
– spinach
– lettuce

Hopefully they will be yummy. I told hubs to turn the jar over about ten minutes before eating, maybe even to shake the jar to dispense the dressing. I have heard people say that they eat right out of the jar. I sent a bowl with hubs, I think that will be much easier. I will come back to update how they lasted through the week. Plus they look very pretty and appetizing.