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I checked off another point on my “before 30” list – leave Gray for an entire day. So I did, this past Thrusday. Everything went really well with Hubby and Gray, it seemed like they had a wonderful time together. And I did ok too.

Although my reason for being away for an entire day was not a really happy one. A few weeks ago my Auntie Tina passed away. Thrusday was her furneral. It was sad.

I have never been to a furneral of a relative – I guess I am lucky that way. So this was a different experience for me. I am emotional, but usually in control. Control went out the window. And I cried with my family, and said goodbye to a really amazing women.

I learned things about her that I never knew and was reminded of things about her that made me miss her more….when she was younger, she was a nanny just like me. She was the youngest of 8, born in 1937. Her mother died shortly after giving birth, she was raised until the age of six by a lady in the community. She had three daughters. She was married 53 years to my uncle. She was scared of water. She hid money in her kids birthday cakes. And all the neighborhood kids loved coming to her house for sleepovers because she had a breakfast cupboard full of sugary goodness!

My aunt was a really great representation of a Godly women, a loving mother and a devoted wife. She was a great friend and support to anyone who needed her. This was evident by the 150+ people that attended her furneral. She would go out of her way to make you feel special. She gave the best hugs – they let you know that you were loved. She was a hard worker. My uncle and her ran a farm, and she was dubbed “the egg lady.” She loved to garden.

She had been suffering for quite awhile – and she slipped away very peacefully. The Lord guided her home. And we know we will see her again.

Her husband and daughters will be in need of prayer. If you ever think of them during your day I know they would appreciate you prayers and thoughts.

I love you Auntie Tina. Goodbye for now…

Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path – Psalm 119:105