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Back in the start of March I was so excited to share that a family had moved forth to adopt Samuel. Well imagine my joy when last night I went to visit the blog of the family adopting and found out that they also have decided to adopt Duncan!

Really awesome. God is good.

Traci Morton left a comment on my blog this morning. I wanted to pass along the information to anyone who wanted to contribute financially.

Here is what she wrote: We are doing some great giveaways on our blog (ipod touch, kindle), so be sure and check us out!! http://eightmortons.blogspot.ca/ Thank you so much for blogging about them and for your prayers. We also have a donor matching all donations to our FSP on Reece’s Rainbow (http://reecesrainbow.org/34247/sponsormorton) up to $2000, by April 4th (tomorrow night!!)

So if you can donate that would be fantastic! Prayers are always appreciated. These adoptions are a long, emotional, axciting and expensive journey. Isn’t it exciting that these sweet boys will have a family of their own?