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We have always wanted a rustic type of style for our house. Since we have renovated the whole thing it looks quite new so we are trying to add a little rustic charm. This was an idea that I thought may add a little character!

I had seen this done with an old gym floor on www.theletteredcottage.net. They did a beautiful job, but I did not have access to an old floor. So I used new wood. This wonderful lady over at http://creativelittledaisy.typepad.com/creative_little_daisy/ had the idea to use tongue and groove panelling. It worked perfectly! I stained the boards, some of them I layered stain. I just had fun with it. My wonderful Dad helped me out with the wall, my Mom helped me out with Gray, we had a great time together! And I checked off “learn how to use a saw.” It was easier then I thought, and fun!

Here is the wall before:

Here it is after:

You may have noticed the change in table and chairs as well. I cannot take credit for that one. We bought it off kijiji for $150 and decided to give it a new life. My husband did a fantastic job.

Before (wish I had a better photo):


Now we need to get a light for above the table, some curtains, and maybe a few pillows. This house is starting to look cozier.

Thanks for looking!