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Closer to 30 that is. I celebrated my birthday last week and now I am currently living my last year in my twenties. Every year I like to make a list of what I want to do/learn/see before my next birthday. This year seems like an even more important list to make. So here it goes, beware it may be long!

And I of course want to do the usual things, be a better wife, a better mother, eat healthier, exercise more, all that stuff. I don’t put those items on the list because they will probably be things that will need work every year for the rest of my life.

1. Be bolder – stop apologizing for being who I am. Say NO when I don’t want to do something or when I think something should not be done. This is a big one for me, I have been feeling the effects of not being bold this week already!

2. Be confident – mainly in my decisions, I tend to fold when I feel guilty or pressured. I suppose this is included in being bold.

3. Learn to knit better – learn to knit was on last years list, and I checked that off. But, now I want to be better at it.

4. Never forget to play! I am actually pretty good at this, I try really hard to make Gray a priority during the day. Leaving the house work to get on the floor and play with him. But, I would like to do that even more because time flies!

5. Do more projects, at least one a month. I don’t do a lot for myself, it seems like there is not enough time for me at the end of the day. After the boys are taken care of I am too tired to do anything for myself. Being creative and doing projects is something I love to do. I want to let myself focus on things that bring me satisfaction.

6. Be stronger in Christ – about a month ago I started reading through the Bible. I have tried this before, but this time I really want to stick it out. Read that baby cover to cover! Not just read it, but absorb it.

7. Learn how to use a saw. I think I am going to tackle this one right away, this week maybe 🙂

8. Really take time to discover my camera – I have taking a lot of wonderful photos that I will cherish with this camera. And truth be told they don’t need to be perfect in order to be beautiful to me. But I do really want to learn more about photography, especially editing.

9. Focus my compassion – I am emotional, no doubt about. Probably more so since little Gray. Emotion aside, I am also very moved to help people that need to be helped. What I mean is that I focus a lot of energy worrying, thinking about, and reading sad stories. I want to use my compassion, and DO something. I just don’t really know how yet. I am praying for God to use me.

10. Faith – yes I want to read my bible more, I want the Lord to use me in a productive way to help others. But I really need faith to do all of that. This last year I have had a lot of questions. Why does this happen, why didn’t God help them or save them? Questions no one can really answer. Questions I will probably until the time when I see His heavenly face. He has given me faith this year like I have never really experienced. I pray that this faith doubles, triples by next year. That is what I want, BIG faith!

11. This may seem funny to some of you. But a goal for me is to leave little Gray for a whole day or maybe a night. He is 433 days old, which translates to 10,392 hours, maybe I have left him for 12 hours out of that total. He is a complete joy to me, but I need to also find balance. Balance between being a Mom and a Wife and just being Me. I have found this last year it is easy to just remember the Mom part, harder to remember the Wife and the Me part. I need to work on that.

So I think that’s it…oh yes, I would love to have another baby before thirty. I always wanted two kids before thirty. But I am not going to worry about this one. I know the big man upstairs will take care of that. Just like He gave us Gray at a better time then we could have ever imagined!

I know I will probably add to this list this year. It is always growing!

Care to share any goals you have? Please share in the comments below, I would love to hear them!