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This quest to find an owl to sew started with a good friend who recently had a beautiful baby boy, we will call him baby B. His Mama decided to do owls for his nursery, when I found this out I knew I had to make something to welcome baby B. And I wanted it to be something that could be cuddly and soft, but also add to the nursery theme.

First things first, props to the lady who started my inspiration: http://justanotherhangup.blogspot.com/2010/05/give-hoot-pillow.html

Well, I have a little tutorial here, it is not fancy but I think it is pretty cute and cuddly!

I did mine a little different, but man is she smart, what a great idea to use things you have in your kitchen to make a pattern! Ok so I used the mixing bowl to trace the circle and to trace out the spot to make the ears. I cut it out and then folded it down the center. I then used a ruler to make my line across for the head area. After this step I simply folded it until I had what I wanted for the middle of my owl, using the line I draw as a guide. Here are these steps in pictures:

I decided for this little guy I just wanted a single strip down the middle of a different colored fabric, but you could do whatever you like : )

I then started sewing, I pinned the “wings” to the center piece did a 1/4 in seam allowance and then flipped it over and ironed my seams, I am a bit picky about ironing seams. I then proceded to start pinning the “ears” on. Well, because I am not technical and to be honest I am not the think it through first kind of person when it comes to doing projects. I realized that my pattern gave me zero room for a seam allowance, so I had to trim the ears a bit. It was pretty easy and not detrimental!

I pinned, sewed and ironed. Then came the facial features, I used felt, some more kitchen supplies for templates and I hand sewed them together. I started with the eyes, putting the colored circle on the white circle, added the button. Then I did the nose and then the eyes to the actual body of the owl. Make sure you leave room for your seam at the top of the eyes. You will be sewing this to a back piece.

Then it was time to cut out the back piece, I simply took the front of my owl and pinned it right sides together with my back fabric. Cut around it, sewed it, and turned it to the right side. Remember to the leave a hole to turn it and stuff it! I left my space a the bottom, stuffed it, and hand stitched it closed.

And then it was finished!

You can play with sizes. For little B’s owl I used the biggest mixing bowl I could find.

Then I decided little Gray needed an owl for his room, and I wanted it bigger to sit in his rocking chair, so I used a circular mirror that I had.

If you decide to try it out, I would love to see your finished owl!!