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Ok, not really….but I mean come on they are on the stairs. I had seen the house rules all over pinterest. People put them on weathered signs or vinyl decals. I decided that I wanted them on my stairs. My wonderful and talented cousin, Michelle, made them for me. And she can take care of your vinyl needs too! Go visit her at www.blissfulwalls.com. All I did was give her my measurements and asked her to do each phrase in a different font. And look what she came up with!!

Sorry the top picture is a bit blurry, it was hard to get all the stairs in one shot!

I wanted to chose “rules” that were important to us for Gray to learn as he grows. But to be honest they have actually taught me quite a bit in the past few weeks. It is hard not to notice them when you are starting to get upset! They remind me throughout the day to slow down and remember what is really important.

Hope you and yours have a great night! God bless.